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Teasley – No Love Lost | Melodic Fiesta

Teasley us a multi-talented progressive pop/R&B singer who writes songs that embrace the California vibe. His tracks will surely make you groove to each beat. He took birth with the name Josh Teasley in Oakland and was raised in St. Louis. His tracks are a perfect match for the summertime. His earlier work like “Hit It” reached over 1 million total streams and received support from National Italian Radio. Teasley draws inspiration from the chill coastal lifestyle.

“Teasley’s track will fill you up with joy and make your heart dance at the same time.”

Teasley recently released a track which is a perfect example of his versatility. The track is called ‘No Love Lost’ and is one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year. The track is full of musical surprises. The music is deep and compliments the deep lyrics perfectly. Each beat feels like a bliss of emotions. The track elevates mind and the soul through it’s elite musicality and deep lyricism. This track can easily top off any track in my playlist as this is a perfect combination of harmonic melodies and raw bars. The lyrics are beautifully curated to deliver the maximum impact. The track projects several innovative flows which are written with exquisite tonality. The chorus is catchy and sticks to your head right off the bat. This is a track which is a perfect feast for both the worlds of pop and hip-hop.

Do give ‘No Love Lost’ a listen as it is one of the most innovative tracks out there which will surely leave you with goosebumps.

Listen to ‘No Love Lost’ by Teasley-

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