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The Paper Waits – On And On | Rustic

Ellie Hunzinger and Rufus Beckett, better known as The Paper Waits are an alt-folk duo from northern England with influences that range from the trip-hop era of Portishead to the folk roots of Iron & Wine. Searching for meaning in modern-day humanity, their visions are marked by melancholy, along with the inexplicable experience of individual and collective passion. The duo maintains a considered yet raw soundscape by blending moody vocal harmonies and intricate guitar parts. Polishing their songwriting craft became the primary focus for the pair in 2020 when they embraced the chance to retreat and develop their sound through the experience gained through isolation.

With a more mature sound, the pair are back with their new release, “On and On”, supported by Jericho Keys of BBC Introducing York and North Yorkshire, and have achieved ‘Record of the Week’ on three occasions, including this release. The way their voices work together in harmony with each other and with the guitar is quite remarkable and ear-pleasing. With an ethereal hook and a rustic charm to its soundscape, the song immediately catches your attention. The lyrics have a haunting beauty and an inapparent depth to them weaved together intricately with the melody. It’s a mystic tale you would never want to end. The single is produced by Jason Odle.

With an effortless flow and a duration of just over 2 and a half minutes, the song ends before you know it and makes you want to listen to it again right away!

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