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Lil Zib, Theisy, Cheeky – SPINACH | Hustle

24-year-old hip-hop artist Zach Trybula has been making waves in the Chicago music scene since 2017 and has been putting out a constant stream of singles ever since. Known best for his tracks “VARIETY SHOW”, “BEAUTIFUL”, and “FIVE”, Zach prefers breaking away from mainstream “modern rap”, as he calls it, and focuses on creating more emotive music that showcases his unique sound. Zack goes by the moniker Lil Zib with over 30+ releases ever since his debut. He has collaborated with artists Theisy and Cheeky on his latest release, “SPINACH” – a laid-back yet aggressive hip-hop track that’ll have you smashing that loop button!

The track begins with a dark reverb-drenched sample that introduces a deep sub-bass, setting the groove of the track. Lil Zib performs a smooth verse over the hard-hitting beat and is accompanied by slightly dark, yet mellow textures. His confident vocal delivery style might remind of you some rap artists like Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar. Lil Zib sure does seem to take inspiration from them when it comes to his flow and style, but his unique lyrical style is what really makes music special.

As the track progresses, with a bunch of intricately produced fillers and effects, music producer/rapper Theisy takes centre stage. His verse glues in wonderfully with the catchy hook melody and the overall sound of the track. Additionally, the super-clean mix and top-notch production give the track a very extravagant finish; a track you should definitely be listening to on headphones.

Lil Zib’s discography features many collaborative projects with artists like Theisy, ECK and Ave. his latest release is another excellent addition to his list and I’m sure his fans are eager to hear more!

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