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Alexander Joseph- Firefly | On Cloud Nine

Alexander Joseph is a United Kingdom-based singer-songwriter. His uplifting songs about overcoming obstacles have been a consistent theme throughout his previous work. And he remains committed to channelling important and heartfelt messages through his music.

A number of radio stations in the UK have picked up on this. Including BBC Introducing , which aired tracks like “Not Defeated” from his EP Broken But Beautiful and his recent single ‘ Now or Never.’ As well as selecting “Invincible,” one of the most notable cuts from Broken But Beautiful, as one of its Tracks of the Week.

BBC Introducing has previously acknowledged his work, playing songs such as Not Defeated. Also, selecting Invincible from ‘Broken But Beautiful’ and his new single Now or Never as tracks of the week.

The collaboration between singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph and producer/DJ Rokuro is brilliant. Released officially today, 18th February 2022, ‘Firefly’ needs to be added to your weekend playlist!

Starting off with an upbeat opening, the beat lays the solid foundations of the single. You’ll love how rapidly the track moves along, yet keeps you hooked.

Moreover, the use of an acoustic guitar in the song’s chorus introduces a unique vibe to the song. It was a great touch that fit into the dynamic soundscape. Its return in each recursion evokes nostalgia, and that is what an artist may be aiming for with such an iconic feel.

Delicate instrumentation is executed well as well as is not offputting. The blending, production, and perfecting create an exceptional ambience. The track captures your attention from beginning to end and leaves you wanting more!

Listen to Firefly here.

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