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Jacques Bailhé-Farewell My Love
Jacques Bailhé-Farewell My Love
Jacques Bailhé-Farewell My Love

Jacques Bailhé scripts a savoury instrumental with the epic, “Farewell My Love”

Jacques Bailhé can write you a story with just notes. This phenomenal artist has explored genres and sounds from so far, that all limitations have been dissolved. While keeping roots to jazz, classical and the genre cores-he now lets the music speak through him. You might have heard his technical and emotional masterpiece called Shiva in Flagrante. Now he changes tempo and styles with his latest single, Farewell My Love. 

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Jacques Bailhé and instrumental ecstasy

Consider a waltz song, but something that tells you the whole story. Usually, a waltz affects and implies music from that sphere of romance. With his latest epic, Jacques Bailhé shows you that you can have a spectrum of emotions with just the piano. Starting slow, his introduction is just the preface to these protagonists. When he unleashes the tale of the two, it is a flurry of melodies and overlapping surrealism. The attack from both hands is felt, as he creates a whirlpool of dynamism with the rapid strafe. It is all the drama you need to feel, before he recedes into the warm knowing of the kindred spirits. The 9-minute plus epic will keep you on the edge of the seat, for all that has commenced is expressed as a spectacular arrangement. Goosebumps.

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His singles The Maker for Jazz Orchestra and A Mother’s Tears are touching explorations into the power of music. Jacques has made a name for himself in approaching technical mastery with emotional wells that are the striking balance a musician would need. Listen to his single here and follow him for more doses of genius:

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