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shawn brown - road of bones
shawn brown - road of bones

‘Road of Bones’ by Shawn Brown: Experience the Timeless Charm

Shawn Brown from Portland has returned to the music world thanks to the efforts of a wonderful team of musicians. Shawn teams up with notable writers and producers, led by his old friend Rafa Cirne Lima. Shawn Brown’s music deftly blends soulful melodies, R&B influences, and guitar-based pop with a strong passion for the raw energy of Rock & Roll. Shawn has made a dramatic comeback after an extended break, pushing boundaries and blurring the lines between the genres that pique his passion.

After close to a decade, Shawn Brown is back with a bang with a new single, “Road of Bones.” “It is a nostalgic gem. As you listen, you are bound to feel a constant surge of excitement that makes you want to bob your head along, all while enjoying the delightful melodies created by the brilliant acoustic guitar performance. The drumbeats are crisp and prominent, providing a solid backbone to the music.  Not to mention Shawn’s voice—it’s simply too good to be true!

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The electric guitar adds an excellent edge to the mix. The sound’s vintage aesthetic is absolutely charming. The song carries a vibe of hope and determination, evoking a sense of liberation. There’s a wonderful variation in rhythms throughout, building up momentum leading into the chorus. The country-pop song is just what you need to listen to on a gloomy day.

You can enjoy a happy evening drive or walk with “Road of Bones” by your side. So,  embrace nostalgia and indulge yourself in the delightful musical composition.

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Enjoy listening to “Road of Bones” here.

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