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Gideon Foster - Fatal Kiss | Vigour 
Gideon Foster - Fatal Kiss | Vigour 

Gideon Foster – Fatal Kiss | Vigour 

Gideon Foster is an avid singer and songwriter, known for creating fresh rock beats. This time, more than ever before, his song is gaining massive admiration from his fans, for all the good reasons. 

Fatal Kiss is a crisp rock number, with intense retro undertones, a pervasive element of energy, and freshness like no other. You feel like grooving onto its rhythms, because not only are the beats quite energetic, but the lyrics too, complement the upbeat vibe.

With classic nuances of a retro song, Fatal Kiss easily becomes a luring track for 90’s kids. Heavy nostalgia lingers in the air for as long as Fatal Kiss is playing. Even though the theme of the song is slightly mellow, you love the way it moves you. Tenderness is pervasive throughout. Moreover, with Gideon Foster’s incredible ingenuity, he is able to pull off even the parts that seem extremely artistic and intense. 

Gideon Foster’s voice has a soothing effect on you. He has a unique quality of creating an aura that only passionate artists can create. Every element of the track comes to the surface in its own time, leaving you with different flavours to devour. You would love the way the song enrols. Even though it is not slow-paced, it unravels quite slowly, and that’s one of the reasons why it feels so magical. 

With freshness as crisp as a morning breeze, Fatal Kiss will fill your soul up. 

Let’s know what the artist has to say himself.

1. What inspired you to create “Fatal Kiss”?

The song was really inspired by a connection with someone and the pain of having to let go when you realise things aren’t going to turn out as you hoped , but more than that it’s a song about the change that occurred in me as a result , so it’s also a fatal kiss to the old me .

2. How would you define your music?

 I always find this a hard question to answer in some ways as I’m very fluid as a person but also musically so I’ve always tried not to tie myself to any genre , hopefully it creates something a bit different from the raw ingredient which is a usually a singer / songwriter acoustic track when it starts life .

3. Are there any special elements in Fatal Kiss that you want every
listener to pay attention to?

If I had to take one line from the song it would be “ the story’s not yet told “ that’s true of every moment in life . Try to keep going even if it’s little steps , and one day you’ll wake up and realise the little steps added up .

4. How were your initial years as a musician? How was the journey?

My initial years musically were quite a while ago now , I was very musical when I was younger but then busy with life elsewhere and actually came back to music later in life I recorded my first song 4 years ago and I’m 52 now , but a young 52 !

5. What’s next for Gideon Foster?

The song is part of an upcoming album which should be finished towards the middle of this year so that’s really the next horizon for me , after that who knows , hopefully getting out and playing the songs to people .

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