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Milo Venus - No Consequences
Milo Venus - No Consequences

Milo Venus – No Consequences

Seattle-based artist Milo Venus has released her debut album, No Consequences. Light and profound, the album consists of refreshing perspectives and soothing tracks. Listeners of Billie Eilish and Celine Dion will find a new favorite artist in Venus.

Loaded with a whimsical aesthetic and yellow pastels, SunnyDbobaT opens the album. Singular guitar strums, fine line melodies, and rippling whistles dot the soundscape as casual and nonchalant vocals skip over them. With a charming absurdity, the honest and gray stream of consciousness is balanced out by the sunny melodies. Unanchored and fluid, the track is a commentary on the lifestyles young adults. Characterized by an introverted charm and replete with sarcastic humor, the minimalistic composition is absolutely refreshing.

Note has a fuller sound with continuous melody lines and flowing vocals. The soft-pop track is lilting and soothing. Using common objects as a moving point of the song, the artist crafts beautiful emotions and heartfelt stories around them. Like lemon tarts and watermelons, the vocals are airy and light, unforced, and effortless.

Acoustic strings and conversational lyrics lead us to the next track, Crazy Boys. The rough texture of the guitar melody is a wonderful contrast to the softness of the vocals. Curious and confused, the artist reflects on being brave and rebellious like crazy boys. She sings, “Night sky, you’re too high, I can’t talk to you. I don’t know who to talk to anymore, please help me understand.” We also see a subtle touch of pulsing synth dance in the bridge.

IDKHTT gleams like fireflies as the melodies sparkle and swish against the vocals. Introspective and revealing, the artist sings, “I don’t know how to talk anymore but it used to be my favorite thing.” Incredibly personal and relatable, the artist delves into social anxiety and how crippling it can be. Lilting falsettos occasionally breeze through the weightless track. Leaning on the guitar acoustics, the artist shares her truth.

By this point, we are completely captivated by the compositions, in every way. The fuzzy vocals and cozy vibe perfectly set the mood for the unique musings of the artist. Bridge The Gap draws us in with its honey vocals and fresh blends. The featherlight vocals blossoms with blushing shyness and endearing demureness. In this track, the protagonist tries to find a way to tether her emotions to her lover’s. With smooth slabs of bass synths lining the levitating vocals.

Little Nice concludes the album with a plea for kindness. Baby pink synths play in the background as the vocals flow with a dazzling emotion. With a bottomless tenderness, the artist’s personality blossoms from the track. The track is calming and elegant and easy to get lost into. Smooth vocals and sweet emotions pour into us and plants gardens of tranquility that dissolve all frictions inside us.

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