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The Thing With Feathers - Sundays in the South | Mellow Indie 
The Thing With Feathers - Sundays in the South | Mellow Indie 

The Thing With Feathers – Sundays in the South | Mellow Indie 

The Nashville’s beloved band, The Thing With Feathers, has released their EP, along with the most mellow and soulful single, Sundays in the South. Through music that feels transportive, elegant, and mesmerizing, Sundays in the South makes for a great track to listen to!

With mega-talented musicians; Chris Roussell (drums), Alex Hendricks (lead guitar), Sean Carroll (bass), and David Welcsh (vocals), the life they infuse into every single track of theirs, is something inspiring. Moreover, when it comes to Sundays in the South, this one’s no exception. 

All the magical flairs of these talented artists seem to shine bright in this single that feels staggeringly beautiful on your first listen itself. As soon as the song starts, you are astounded by the very first tune. In a way, it establishes the perfect aura for the rest of the song to unfold. And when it does, you feel grateful to have stumbled upon this track. 

With influences of indie pop and rock, Sundays in the South is a song that feels like a blessing while walking down an empty road on a spring afternoon. The rich mellow vibe of this track easily manages to stir you to the core. When it comes to lyrics and the way they have been sung, they feel like a melancholic hymn sung for you to soothe you like nothing else. 

The fact that this song feels mellow yet happens to cheer you up because of its impeccable music, is oddly amazing! It is definitely a must-add to your mellow playlist!

Listen to this marvellous track by The Thing With Feathers right here: 

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