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Rob Lea-Stop What You're Doing
Rob Lea-Stop What You're Doing

Rob Lea-Stop What You’re Doing | Iconic

Rob Lea is an icon within the indie fraternity, for more than one reason. Imagine him to be half Harry Styles and half John Bon Jovi. Those are the kind of generational confluences his music brings. We, for one, are always ready for content. This is some bingeable stuff he puts forth, and it has the fury of his talent and style. This is his EP, Stop What You’re Doing. That’s a warning. 

Opening with Freak, we instantly understand what the iconic part of his musical execution might be. Catchy riff and memorable lyrics, you get an entertainment of depth and dapper. You can see the raffish rhythm just capture you. Cue that weird dance evil Tobey Maguire did in Spider-Man 3. That’s how much drip we get in this opening track. 

Summer in the Morning is the acoustic pop intro you’ve always wanted to get up to. His vocals have a sticky honey touch, that seems to be, well, just too much. With these kinds of vocal runs and pitch perfect presentation, it’s a surprise these tracks are not charting on indie playlists all over the globe. This is how you mint followers.   

Time of My Life balances within its prowess, the ability to be vulnerable yet musically a magic man. It goes down like smooth whiskey, especially due to the progression. Possessing an anthemic rock track’s potential energy, this song might become a radio favourite. High has a hard rock riff opening, yet Rob Lea brings his charismatic vocals in. With this minimal canvas, Rob brings New York Broadway style art with almost effortless execution. You can almost hear the invisible audience join in with raucous energy, and bring the house down. 

Rob Lea has the listener on his fingertips with the kind of music he makes. His ballad like closing track is more than enough to attest to this. Reflection brings the club lights down, to a spotlight shining on this gentleman. He bares his heart on his sleeve, and it is sufficient to say that he has a complete gift package ready to go. From everything about the songs to the energy his voice has and how he goes about the compositions, this is a consummate musician on a pedestal. You know when he grabs the mic, all eyes are on him.

Then there is the immaculate production work. Not enough credit is given to these masters behind these masters, and that’s wrong. I tip my hat to the team that Rob Lea has worked with, for engineering his voice to the crystal clear concoction you hear in each song. With the singles bringing the heat, he has brought this compilation with an intent of changing the game. I did stop what I was doing, for the slow clap this album deserves:

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