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Eric Cohen-On the Edge
Eric Cohen-On the Edge
Eric Cohen-On the Edge

Eric Cohen ascends the self with his hip-hop single, “On The Edge-Choir Version”

Eric Cohen is repainting hip-hop with his own palette. A talented rhyme artist, he relooks at the popular genre and varies it with his kit of parts. The result is something creative, profound and stylish, owing to the brilliant echo of a musician who can write a narrative for almost anything. This is his latest single, On The Edge-Choir Version. 

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Eric Cohen rewrites the magic of hip-hop

The soft piano and 4/4 beat are the canvas that Eric Cohen will use. His lyrics are as emotional as the background, there is a symbiotic tie formed in the opening moments itself. Looking at the sequence as his most vulnerable self, he wipes clean the slate and writes a soft melody. Pay attention to his lyrics, for they overlap with gentle flourishes. Vocals explode into the chorus with a choir that harmonises. Piano drops are like an elixir, creating this spiral that he is viewing like a third person. Eric is at the end of his wits, there is a threshold that is being teased. The composition draws back from aggressive themes that are usually touched by hip-hop. The R&B touch is more than welcome in this exposé, and no one is more honest about the transformation than his own self. 

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You can enjoy more of Eric Cohen with his singles like Weightless, Winning Season and Live for Christ, that are regularly featured on Spotify playlists. A musician like this is rare to come by, the themes he chooses challenge the norm. Follow him for more like this and listen to his single here:

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