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Nero Simon and the Sunsetters-Baker Street
Nero Simon and the Sunsetters-Baker Street
Nero Simon and the Sunsetters-Baker Street

Nero Simon and the Sunsetters take us down memory lane with their live cover of “Baker Street”

Nero Simon and the Sunsetters are a band that will show you how old school rock and roll used to feel. That joy of chemistry in a band. Essence of writing music that moves you to tears, laughs and memories. Where people come together for music and life. Their cover of this classic exudes all this and more. This one is Baker Street, live in Atlanta. 

First of all, if you haven’t heard the original, this is your chance. It is a classic by Gerry Rafferty, a song which had a sax intro synonymous to the opening verse in the Bible. Everyone knew the intro, the song and the feel. Nero Simon and the Sunsetters give a perfect ode to this song, with the utmost respect. Respect for tone, the intonations, the modulation and tempo. It is like listening to the record version, but the excitement of a live song. The band comes together with a love for a great song. You wait for the chorus, while the notes marinate in the verse section. The changes always get me, for the kind of notes chosen. Executed with a real mastery and gratitude for the original composition. That’s what makes a band like Nero Simon and the Sunsetters so powerful to experience. 

Explore real magic with their 2022 album, Treasure Chest. A band like this has a grip on what good melody and arrangement sounds like. For a band like this to sound live is mesmerizing, and must be more exciting to witness. Listen to their songs on Spotify, and for now visit Baker Street!:

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