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Utrenja Esemble-Spirit of This Age
Utrenja Esemble-Spirit of This Age
Utrenja Esemble-Spirit of This Age

Utrenja Esemble takes you to hallowed ground with their album, “Spirit of This Age”

Utrenja Esemble might be some of the most thematic music you hear. Maybe you watched a horror movie recently, or some time ago. Whatever thrill you had from that, throw it in the trash and multiply by 50. Your imagination will precede you. This is this group’s latest album, called Spirit of This Age. Prepare for maximum skin peel. 

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This is an audio experiment, make no mistake. Utrenja Esemble are embodying this spirit they talk about, as you can see from the title of this album. Now, they do a fine job in making this particular theme. If you know nothing about the imagery, it helps more. Rise of the Cherubim is what is the opener. It is haunting, as you would expect, but modulates within. This creates quite the atmosphere, if you are listening on stereo headphones. Close your eyes, and you’re transported to the haunts of UK. Ghosts of the Upcoming Technocracy has higher pitched screams, overlapped for brilliant effect. As sound experiments go, this is an avant-garde music movement. It is an acquired taste, especially if you’re here after listening to radio hits.

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There is some feeling of theme and tune here-leading to the desired effect. Longer tracks like Doncaster 2051 could very well be audio snippets from a documentary. The slight change in frequency and tones becomes noticeable, leading to some very creative pockets. If you have the guts, and I repeat guts, you can hear the entirety of the 2 hours without horrid images popping past your head.

Utrenja Esemble are treading on untraversed lands in some places, and that might not sound like music in many places. Don’t search for the melody, dive into the malady, I say. Their self-titled album from earlier this year might also pique your interest. Now listen if you dare here:

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