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Cristian Poow – Hold on (Jacopo Catapano Remix) |  Dancing to the Beat

Introducing Cristian Poow, a multi-talented musician, producer, and professor hailing from Argentina. As the owner of Dbeatzion Records, Cristian has made a name for himself in the music industry, wowing audiences in the United States with his chart-topping remixes of songs by Katy Perry, StoneBridge, and Jonas Blue. But that’s not all – his own single “Shake Ur Bumpa” soared to the top of the Billboard Dance Charts, reaching an impressive #27. And as the music industry continues to evolve, so does Cristian, constantly pushing the boundaries of sound and style. In high demand by top labels and curators, his music can be found on over 500 albums and playlists alongside some of the biggest names in the global DJ scene.

The new single “Hold on (Jacopo Catapano Remix)” by Cristian Poow, in collaboration with Stoica Iulian Music and Jacopo Catapano, is a true gem in the world of electronic music. The moment the song begins, the melodious synths and captivating vocals immediately grab your attention and set the tone for an unforgettable listening experience. As the song progresses, the beat picks up, and the rhythms become more intense, creating a truly mesmerizing ambiance that will transport you to a world of pure musical ecstasy. One of the standout features of this collaboration is the incredible beauty of the melody. The combination of Cristian Poow’s unique style with the talents of Stoica Iulian Music and Jacopo Catapano results in a sound that is both fresh and familiar. The infectious sounds and amazing vocals only add to the song’s overall appeal, making it a must-listen for any electronic music fan.

Whether you’re dancing the night away at a house party or simply letting yourself lose in the beauty of the melody, “Hold on (Jacopo Catapano Remix)” is the perfect companion. It has such a great ambience that you can’t help but truly get lost in the music. The song keeps getting better and better, with each listen, revealing new layers of depth and complexity. Trust me when I say you cannot stop replaying this song. It’s just that good. “Hold on (Jacopo Catapano Remix)” is a truly remarkable collaboration that showcases the talents of Cristian Poow, Stoica Iulian Music, and Jacopo Catapano.

Enjoy listening to Hold on (Jacopo Catapano Remix) here.

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