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John Vento-Brick by Brick
John Vento-Brick by Brick
John Vento-Brick by Brick

John Vento swings in with old school rock with his single, “Brick by Brick”

John Vento can channel old school rock, he grew up with. With the thousands of musicians trying to rock it out, it is difficult to find your own tone. It sounds like John was born with his. From the moment the guitar is plugged in to how he sings his vocals, there is a signature fine print he works around. This is his latest single, Brick by Brick. 

Plug in, and the opening can take you places. Like Alice Cooper, John Vento owns his sound. This is the kind of song that makes the whole pub sing along. A master craftsman and true rocker, he studies the wood before whittling away on it. The tone of the guitar to the riffs that fill the hollow; you’re singing along to the chorus in no time. The synth in the background ties some invisible strings to Deep Purple.

Invitation to the jukebox

From the tempo to the catchy flow, there is no doubt that this song will be on your rock playlist. Just like a live song would be executed, he gives pockets to all the instruments in the song. The bass shines in this particular one, hovering at some moments like a helicopter’s sound. When the scale change comes, forget about it, you’re plummeted to another cloud of joy.

Sweet Cheslie and Humble Way are two of his classics, that will go on his hit record. His music is always that good time rock n roll, full of flavour and style. Whether in a pub or dancing at home, John Vento will always have something cool for all of us to groove to. Listen to his single here:

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