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Octopi The drunk astronomer cover art
Octopi The drunk astronomer cover art

The Drunk Astronomer – Octopi

The Drunk Astronomer is the stage name of Nathan Fox who is known for his lo-fi indie tracks that are full of emotional turns. Based in the third-smallest city in England, Ripon in North Yorkshire, The Drunk Astronomer creates music that will caress your heart and fill your heart with joy. This is an artist who recently made his debut with a 4 song EP and each of the track will touch your heart. Do give this artist a go. You will be amazed by his vivid musical skills.

I discovered this artist through his debut EP named ‘Octopi’ which is a fest for the soul. Do give this amazing EP a go if you live to listen to tracks that run deep into emotions and act as the heart’s elixir. The first track on the EP is named ‘Every Body’ which he previously released as a single. This is the intro to the EP and surely the best way to start an album. The track features some ecstatic musical elements that beautifully complement the tasteful lyrics. The artist’s soothing vocal texture creates an everlasting vibe for the track that is immersive and touching. The yellow synths and the impactful drums sound like a flowing hot spring.

The next track on the EP is named ‘The Manager’ which is my personal favorite on the EP. The lyrics are beautiful and written with heart’s ink. The level of musicality that this artist displays is simply ecstatic. I enjoy such deep musical pieces that can paint vivid pictures with mere words and melodies. If you have ever fallen in love, this is the perfect track for you. Do give it a go and trust me you will find the deepest emotions of your heart brought back to life.

The third track on the EP is named ‘El Gato’ which is a mellow track that packs some amazing lyrics, sung with profound intricacy. The guitar tabs are heartfelt and surely hold the whole essence of the track. This is a track that will surely go up on my personal morning playlist to give me a perfect headstart. You will surely love this one! This is certainly a masterpiece that will live on for decades.

The last track on the EP is named ‘Her Hair (Is the Colour of a Sunset) which is the most beautiful track from the whole EP. This artist surely knows how to spin magic into her music. do give it a go if you’re into tracks that are full of life and love. The contrasting musical elements are used well to create the vibe of the whole track. Do give it a go!

All-in-all the EP is a beautiful piece that bottles some deep feelings into a beautiful array of 4 songs. This is a masterpiece that is surely going to touch several hearts and make them weep and laugh.

You can catch a little glimpse of the EP down here-

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