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Hafto – The Soul Pt. 1 | Ecstatic rhymes

Hafto is a versatile artist who is from Dallas, TX. Who started off his musical journey through poetry where he ignited his musical flame. The artist is known for his purposeful tracks that are filled with lyrics that are written for a cause. This artist might just bring about a whole rec\volution just through his pen and rhymes. This is an artist with a vivid discography of seven singles and four EPs. The thing I admire the most about this artist is his deep sense of innovation the he never leaves out. His innovative approach towards music is what makes this guy so amazing.

I recently came across his long awaited single which is named The Soul Pt. 1 which is one of his best works yet. The artist has spun some deep rhymes laced with a bigger picture in this track with beauty. You will be amazed how this artist has packed such energy in such laidback vocals. The track starts off with a vocal melody and some piano keys that create the whole vibe of the track. The vocal layering in the intro part of the track is something out of this world. The vocal harmony is used as a sample and played along with the beat throughout the track. The artist raps with some amazing flows over the beat and does perfect justice to such an amazing instrumental. This is surely a track that is going into my personal playlist and staying there forever. Do give this track a go if you like to listen to tracks with some purpose and meaning.

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