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Highway Wolf | In the City | Rock | Urban Adventures
Highway Wolf | In the City | Rock | Urban Adventures

Highway Wolf’s ‘In The City’: An Urban Adventure with Mick Hellman

“In The City,” the latest single by Highway Wolf, is a captivating musical masterpiece that serves as a gateway to an urban adventure. Spearheaded by San Francisco artist Mick Hellman, the track is a refreshing twist on an Eagles classic and sets the stage for the forthcoming album, “Purdies Dream.”

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The single weaves a narrative tapestry that reflects Hellman’s personal experiences navigating the vibrant yet challenging cityscapes of iconic cities like New York, Boston, and Hong Kong. With a New Orleans-infused vibe, “In The City” takes listeners on a sonic urban adventure that feels as if a mysterious stranger is recounting a tale during a lively Mardi Gras celebration. This blend of reality and fantasy gives the track an authentic yet whimsical touch, making it a musical urban adventure that resonates with urbanites and dreamers alike.

The accompanying animated music video, created by Josh Clark, adds another charm to the narrative. It portrays Mick’s dog, Purdie, dreaming of embracing the spirit of a city-dwelling wolf amidst a neon-lit urban jungle. This visual interpretation adds depth to the song’s narrative, creating a holistic experience that is both visually and audibly engaging.

“In The City” is more than just a song; it’s an invitation to explore the urban highs and lows through the eyes of Highway Wolf. With its compelling storytelling, innovative production, and captivating visuals, it is a promising precursor to the upcoming album, “Purdies Dream.”

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Highway Wolf, led by Mick Hellman and his creative partners, Tal and Amber Morris, is a unique musical project that re-imagines classics through a transformational lens. The project resonates with those challenged by ‘The Call’ and helps listeners understand the human experience through the howling and longing of the Highway Wolf.

In conclusion, “In The City” is a musical gem that encapsulates the essence of an urban adventure with a touch of fantasy. Its narrative, production, and visuals make it a promising glimpse into what is to come in “Purdies Dream.” Don’t miss out on this engaging musical urban adventure that reflects the challenges and beauty of urban living.

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