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Marina Avetisian – Freefall | Soul Reviving

It’s not often that you find a singer-songwriter who can move you with just her voice and guitar. Marina Avetisian, the Russian-born London-based artist uses her sweet, mellow melodies to lull listeners into a dreamy, ethereal trance.

Her unique, deep voice and heartfelt lyrics have an impact on listeners. She incorporates her gentle but strong vocals, ballads, guitar, poetry, and other elements into her work, producing a one-of-a-kind encounter for the listeners.

Freefall,’ Marina Avetisian’s newest song, is a celebration of her great musicianship. Sure, she uses vintage sounds, but the songwriting is incredible: it’s futuristic while her vocals are passionate and compelling. This is countered by a fantastic rhythm section.

Synths take us on an auditory journey with the heavenly voyage, with precise and melodic guitar parts speaking well over the rhythmic chords, thoroughly engaging the listener. Then her warm, velvety vocal soars upon the dramatic melody turning the structure into a full-sized atmosphere of epic proportions. The chorus brings to mind the iconic ballads of yesteryear while giving the arrangement a fascinating spin. Her distinctive vocal styling is endearing and sticks in our heads long after we’ve experienced it here on this track. Nothing will send your mind and body going to a new fantasy universe like this song!

The lyrics are lovely, nostalgic, and delightful, adding to the music’s appeal. Marina has captured the essence of falling in love: Beginning a new chapter in life or starting something totally unknown, true inner liberation, belief in self, and embracing the uncertainty. I believe this song is one of Marina’s best, and I hope you agree after listening to it!

Enjoy listening to ‘Freefall’ today!

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