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Mariya May - Made Of Stars
Mariya May - Made Of Stars

Mariya May – Made Of Stars | Emotional Catharsis

Mariya May is an Indie Pop musician based in Portland, USA. She crafts music with an 80s/90s, Slowdive, Shoegaze feel. Her music, often speaks on themes of love, attraction, loss, and places in-between. Additionally, she doesn’t rush anything in her music allowing her audience to sit with their emotions throughout. Mariya has an extensive discography with plenty of music for fans to discover.

Made Of Stars is an emotional track that really hits you in the feelings. It features light elements but has this heavy feeling to it. The percussions are almost brushed and feature all the lighter elements within the kit. The guitar is minimalistic, but sounds absolutely divine, almost like ASMR. The bass line gives the track a lot of depth but doesn’t overpower anything. The saxophone chimes in like a second voice to contrast the absolutely divine voice that is Mariya May. It’s really intriguing to hear instruments that sound light on their own, but when they come together, they form this deep song with so much emotion. You really feel all the emotion that has gone into creating this track all at once when everything comes together. The chorus can overwhelm you with such intense emotions as well and that’s the great thing about music. It helps in various ways, but it allows you to share how you feel with people in unconventional ways.

Mariya May has the voice of an angel. She can elicit emotional responses the same way Stevie Nicks or Dolores O’Riordan does so effortlessly. If that’s not enough then you should really listen to her music.

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