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See Plus - The Sun
See Plus - The Sun

See Plus – The Sun | Complementarily Dynamic

See Plus is a four-piece Alt-Indie Rock group hailing from Rutherford, New Jersey. Having started out as a high school band, the quartet has been creating music together for nearly six years now! It consists of Miles Dellaha (Vocals, Guitar), Jake Linsalata (Vocals, Bass), Clair Guillemot (Lead Guitar), and Alex Fiume (Drums). With five singles and an EP under their belt, See Plus has a pretty extensive discography as is. Their music is perfect for you rockers out there who want to kick back or just blast something at the skate park.

Their latest release, The Sun, is their first of the new year and it is dynamic, to say the least. Kicking off on an acoustic guitar and solo vocals, the song hits a small break that starts everything off. I am reminded of Turnover and Tiger Shark when I hear The Sun. Everything is so tight and the band is definitely on the same page. The drums and bass keep the rhythm but are also so dynamic. The guitars are so great between the distortion and the clean riffs there is so much to play with. However, the vocals really do it for me. The lead vocals are absolutely sublime but the backing vocals add that sprinkle of contrast that highlights the lead. Everything in this song is complementary to one another and it really makes the song sound whole.

See Plus outdoes itself with every new release and The Sun is my favourite track yet. It really feels like the band has grown miles since their last release, I’m So Cold and I am here for it. Any fan of Alternative Indie Rock should definitely give See Plus a listen because you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

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