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Amanda McBrayer - TOO BAD! | Pop Beat
Amanda McBrayer - TOO BAD! | Pop Beat

Amanda McBrayer – TOO BAD! | Pop Beat

Amanda McBrayer is a Nashville based singer and songwriter with a love for heartfelt music. Her music deeply reflects her interest in soulful themes, art, love, and matters of the heart in general. 

Too Bad!, her most recent track, is a mix of various heartfelt elements that bring forth a whole other vibe for the listeners. With the song’s refreshing feel, the listeners would fall for something or the other. You don’t have to dive too deep into the song to fully grasp its goodness, it is very easy to find something to cherish for a long time. 

The song starts with an interesting melody that grabs the listeners’ s attention in no time. When the song unfolds, you realise a huge credit should be given to the vocals of Amanda McBrayer. Her slight and sometimes intense R&B touches to the vocals make this song more lively and wholesome. The song has rich pop elements that make it groovy, and catchy and give it a tendency to linger for a long time in your head. You will find plenty of reasons to add this song to your playlist. 

The lyrics of the track are somewhat pompous but in a good way. You will love the way it suits the vibe of the track. Nothing is over the top as all the elements fit together just fine to create a wholesome product that is devouring and fun.

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