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Masha and the Fam – What I Want | Super thrilling

Masha and the Fam, a six-piece Los Angeles-based musical collective led by Masha Alexis, has released the song “What I Want,” in which she expresses her strong feelings. The lyrics are brimming with strong emotions, all of which are backed up by majestic and beautiful orchestration. Masha Alexi’s performance of the writing is equally excellent, capturing the meaning of each word and striking a chord with us. The music sounds so dynamic and offers such a great arc for the audience to truly get involved with the proper emphasis on each word. The performances grow more fierce and thrilling as the song progresses.

The enticing guitar chords combined with the funky bass, make for a really fascinating groove. The drums sounded so authentic and perfectly suit the arrangements. The brass sections are one of the most well-thought-out elements in the arrangement, and the parts are also really well written; effectively filling the gaps. All of the instrument layers are quite well-coordinated. The transition from one to the other is also quite smooth and seamless, resulting in a fantastic sound. Overall, the song maintains a high level of excitement throughout. I am positive that Masha’s powerful voice will completely force listeners to stay in sync with the song and that they will thoroughly appreciate the vibe.

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