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9 o'clock Nasty-The Worms
9 o'clock Nasty-The Worms
9 o'clock Nasty-The Worms

9 o’clock Nasty bring new waves of rock flow with “The Worms”

9 o’clock Nasty bring back their unique flavour and mouthfeel with a collaboration. They’re known for shaking up the bowl for something new every time, and this time is no different. Here, they collaborate with a like mind for two songs that will make your evening. This is their collaborative album, The Worms. 

There are two tracks on the double A side. The first, part 1, is a discothèque song that shows I Am The Unicorn Head delivering some beautiful, haunting vocals. It sounds like a Muse tributary, finding a sound that is sharp, yet has a psychedelic dissolve. The chorus has a really cool groove layer that makes it sound like a Phil Collins hit track. As the two musicians syncopate, they find their middle ground in being misfits within the music commune. Which means, they control their fans just based on the music they put out.

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9 o’clock Nasty-Rock will remain

Though both 9 o’clock Nasty and I Am The Unicorn Head put out very different styles, they are sharing the canvas now. The second part has a stadium rock energy, bringing together some fantastic, raucous energy. It has a whole different set of sustains, flows and transitions. The rhythm leads the way, while making a neural network that might seem familiar. It sounds catchy, maybe even emotional. Executing the same kind of song with different formulae is something that might have come up impromptu.

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Knowing both these artists as those who go against the grain, I can only wait for another collaboration. 9 o’clock Nasty have just put out another single called The Gastronaut this Friday. I Am The Unicorn Head has put out Unicorns in Space, a fun album that explores tones and styles from everywhere. Follow them both and listen to their collective soul here!:

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