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Fabbro di Chiavi – Light and Heavy
Fabbro di Chiavi – Light and Heavy

Fabbro di Chiavi – Light and Heavy | Fiery Fury

Italian guitarist Marco Pellizzari aka Fabbro di Chiavi weaves guitar magic with his latest instrumental song Light and Heavy. Hailing from Asolo near Treviso in Veneto, Italy, Marco is a composer and aeronautical engineer. He has performed in tribute bands to Genesis, TOTO, Malmsteen, and Van Halen in Italy and Germany, where he presently resides, spanning genres from rock to progressive to metal since 2000.

He was fascinated with music from a young age, beginning with studies on the classical guitar before moving on to the electric, and he is today actively involved in helping to realize earth observation and solar system exploration missions. The influences of Steve Vai, Meola, Paco de Lucia, and Joe Pass are visible in his playing. Fabbro di Chiavi wow us with his fiery riffs and blazing licks,

We hear pianos and twangy clean guitars greet us. Soon we are swept away by the avalanche of a grand rock instrumental song. The drums here serve the song with the guitar and drum parts locking in perfectly. The middle section of the song features some astute acoustic guitar playing as we are let into what could be termed the solo section of the song.

This is an electrifying instrumental track that showcases virtuosity and musical bliss. The fast-paced, high-energy song is driven by a relentless rhythm and features soaring solos that showcase the impressive technical skill. The phrasing by Fabbro di Chiavi is full of emotions and feelings while expressing himself with his technical finesse. Overall, Light and Heavy is a dazzling instrumental by the smith of keys!

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