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nasmore – Welcome to the Hell
nasmore – Welcome to the Hell

nasmore – Welcome to the Hell | Infernal Energy

Welcome to the Hell is a blazing electronic indie rock track by Canadian music producer, songwriter, and composer nasmore which has just been released. The song features Angela Castellani aka La Strange, the insane vocalist from northern Italy. Welcome to the Hell is an electronic song filled with ferocity and emotion. And of course, veteran Neil Taylor on gritty vocals and blazing guitars on the song.

The song begins with some whispered vocals as the arrangement sets in. This is a dark rock song with a prominent low end. Some vocals are raspy while the virtuosic vocals by La Strange catch our attention. The song makes use of electronic beats for the rhythm section. As the song proceeds, drums are added and the guitars become more prominent with their heavy tone. We are treated to a blazing guitar solo as well. Acts like Imagine Dragons, Billie Eilish, Scorpions, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, and The Weeknd are cited as influences by nasmore. But he manages to craft a unique songwriting style.

La Strange’s vocals add a raw and powerful energy to the track, while the other raspy delivery adds depth and intensity. The combination of electronic beats and heavy guitars creates a unique and modern sound that is sure to appeal to fans of both electronic and rock music. The blazing guitar solo adds another layer of excitement to the track, showcasing the musician’s impressive technical skills and adding even more intensity to the already high-energy song. Overall, “Welcome to the Hell” by nasmore is a bold and powerful track that is sure to make an impact on listeners.

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