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Sub:Om- Back to The Source
Sub:Om- Back to The Source
Sub:Om- Back to The Source

Sub:Om- Back to The Source | Industrial Discovery

One of the most exciting tracks I had heard last year as a single was Unify. Not only was this because it was assigned to me, but that I missed out on discovering it by myself. Sub:Om has a dark, industrial plagued sound that oscillates between alt-rock, metal and new wave in some parts. Ever changing, they release their debut album, Back to The Source.

Black Hole is their opening song. It is a industrial, Marilyn Manson style track, setting precedent for the theme of this album. With dark singular chords taking up much of the airwaves, the vocals and simple beat ensure you’re searching for the next big twist in the song. I could tear this song apart to just listen to the layers separately and what they do for creating this indubitable range of suspense.

Unify is the second track, released as a single last year. This is where I realized I was listening to a force of nature harvested as a group of humanoids starting a band. Listening to it again, I am reminded of how catchy it is and how it can manifest itself as one of those tracks you can dance to, but never leaves your train of thought.

The ambient introduction to these tracks do a splendid job of introducing the atmosphere. It is easy to imagine a Blade Runner style world dissipating and creating itself in front of your eyes. This is where they go more alt-rock heavy, shifting away from the production sound that the industrial mania gives the song. The vocalist has a tendency of sounding like Scott Weiland from the Velvet Revolver years for this specific track. The closing instrumental section is a nice touch to the song, helps the world it created dissolve slower.

We Are Starz uses a classic chord progression with some swaying. slaying guitar. Nothing too heavy on tone, just the subtle technicalities of simplicity. We Are Starz is an inspirational track with words in an order you might have never heard before. It is powerful, poignant and creates a playful framework for the band to relax and have a good time on. Sungazer transports us to another part of the universe, closer to the flares that breathe life into us. The mantra style beat builds to an animatronic/ sub-android style delivery. The nerd in me was instantly excited, fabricating a world where dogs have humanoids on leashes and such. Time a physical construct, and Sub:Om still rocking out. The strings make a massive impact on their sound, and align with the theme. A wonderful addition to their strain of genome.

Opening with the Om that I recognize because of my cultural background, I am instantly drawn in with Pendulum. It builds on this single note/swara which goes through the song, the rhythm oscillating in between. The dissonance and echo/reverb on the guitar is a tone they have experimented with, and found a comfortable vibe to surround the track. There is a surprise in the textural integrity of the track, expanding in frequency in some places. One of my favorites on this album.

The excitement with Pendulum’s Watercolour is felt on this track. The synth with slight gain and distortion makes a huge difference in setting a pulse to a song. I Will is a field day for the vocals, really soaring and in clear view due to the structure of the track. It is an addictive track to listen to, with a unique chorus that really stays because of its build. Who Are We progresses on this same sound. to another alt-rock track that stands out from the mainstream white noise that plagues the radio these days. The harmonics are a special feature, which I wish I could hear more of given the voice that leads the group.

All Falls Away is the last track on this album. Save best for last? In some ways, yes. This track has all the elements that makes Sub:Om a genre style in itself. It has the technical elements of combining the reverberating energies of all the instruments. A unification in sound due to the simple harmony chosen. The layers delivered by the instrumentals so that the vocals are the cherry on the top. We have liftoff to another galaxy, and Sub:Om grip the steer. Good that we have a solid mixtape on deck.

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