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Lost Like Lions-Back To Life
Lost Like Lions-Back To Life
Lost Like Lions-Back To Life

Lost Like Lions-Back To Life | Revisiting life

Look, everyone loves a dramatic story behind a band. Some might say, it is necessary in order to have one. From Guns ‘n’ Roses to The Smiths, they all have a tale we love to share. Lost Like Lions have an interesting story too. Luckily, we get to hear it through their music because I am not for that “The House” shit. This is their latest single, Back to Life.

If any track deserves this name, its this one. Claiming the precipice of energy right off the bat, this is the kind of track that focuses on tone and feel of the song. Important elements, that artists seem to have forgotten about. No complex emotional display, but the essence of beauty compiled through the simplicity of song. Follow my interview with Lost Like Lions here:

1) This group has had a lot of stories to tell, a long winding road. What is something constant despite all the change?

 The one constant that I have always found with this band is our dedication to our music, putting new music out regularly, and the idea that we want to have fun with this band. Playing is first and foremost about having a good time.

Having the vibe as a sorted out elements and the creative cogs spinning to create, Lost Like Lions sound like never before. The Devil That You Know had three solid tracks, but this is where their musical interests and skills coincide. The chorus sounds heavier due to the layering of the guitar and the sound pushes through harder.

2) Within the lineup changes, is there a element you’ve found is signature to your group?

We’ve always done everything we could to show the people paying attention to us, that we’re brothers up there. We strive to sound good and gel musically, but almost as important, we strive to be close friends which ultimately reflects in the music. 

A cohesive unit that performs with their soul bared to the world. That is what this aspect of art is about, which they are able to manipulate and create with an effortless flow. The lyrical simplicity has always been something about this group I have admired, always crafting a relatable, beautiful poem.

3) Does the track speak to you in ways that one instruments frequency trumps the other? I found the drums in Back to Life to be bigger and better than ever.

 I find that the lyrics really bring us out of the crazy past two years or more. We are coming out of the pandemic and essentially being “woken up” once again. So that’s why we decided to put this song out first. It’s a perfect transitional song from then to now. But yes, the drums to slam!  Jim is a great drummer. 

They have an EP called Fear of Letting Go this summer, so better keep up to date on those releases. If you are fortunate enough to be able to go experience them live, nothing better. Their songs have the punch and push as a reckoning force that you can hear in their songs and lyrics.

5) What is an aspect of live music you missed so much during the pandemic-that it will be the first thing that strikes you when you go on tour?

The biggest thing I’ve missed personally, and can’t wait to get back to, is connecting with a live crowd. There is absolutely no feeling like being on stage and having that true, organic, connection with the folks you’re there to entertain.  As we’re up there leaving everything we have on that stage, the crowd giving it right back to us – yeah, that’s the most indescribable feeling.  It’s my favorite part of even being in a band. 

The same thing an artist reaches out for, the connection between people, what the song means to them and the band. It is undoubtedly the most adrenaline pumping part of performing, so we know they put up a show with all out energy. From The Way of The World to Back to Life, a lot has changed for Lost Like Lions, perspective and sound wise. We are excited to hear this new chapter and what they have in store for us.

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