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Abisso-Cradle of Ice
Abisso-Cradle of Ice
Abisso-Cradle of Ice

Abisso create ambient allure with their gorgeous album, “Cradle of Ice”

Abisso create realms from fiction and lore with spectacular sound. The duo actively create ambient soundscapes, recurring melodic languages while breaking the barriers of what is possible through sound. With this album, they cement their legacy as artists of another pedigree. This is their latest album, Cradle of Ice.

Visuals will galore. As large is the extent of your imagination, you will find imagery and meaning in the music they create. Opening with Atrium, the song invites you into the destination. What you get is a prelude, an echoing chamber creating the hollow silence. Abisso have managed to personify silence through sound, a real achievement in how to perceive ambient music. As you approach the Cradle of Ice-it all becomes still. The cryogenic chamber is resplendent of all the things you might imagine in a scene of this sort. As the echoing sounds eventually fade, you hear soulful piano notes describing the emotive core of this very cradle. 

Transfer splurges on the powerful feeling and image associated with travel and transmission. It is almost disorienting in a form, stretching the depths and extents of what might be. It bleeds into what is the beginning of Stasis. Abisso prepare fabrics from the threads of new being, meaning no cue is borrowed from the last other than the theme itself. Echoing notes that evoke a torrential flow of emotions, they reside within silence-carefully curating the curtain of sound to follow. 

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Abisso take you to deeper realms

Secret Pain dives into a morose tone, creating a sombre setting. It is the heart of the chamber we are in now, enveloped by what seem to be our own emotions and thoughts. Here, we dwell on melancholy, the feeling accented by Abisso birthing the bubble of echoing tones. The absence of percussion especially makes time an elastic dimension, as felt in Moaning. The middle ground of ambient echoes with futuristic blends creates an excellent, although estranging premise. As we enter the Cave of Tears, you must appreciate how aptly these ambient tracks have been named. They are reflective of the kind of value held in the conscience of the song. Sounds simple, yet is as complex as a web laid out in front of you. 

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Substratum resounds the tremors from the depths of this unknown. It is a confident play within instrument, and expression. On headphones, you will hear every note-every decision in creating this rich atmosphere. Among the Ruins and While Waiting close the album with a climatic soul. Abisso prepare a narrative unlike any other and play with effect to the notes that tell the story. Always. 

Their brilliance in composition and arrangement can be seen in Son of Abyss, their 2022 album as well. Each dives into new trajectories and tales, each must be heard as such. Listen to their album and follow their work on Spotify. Your invitation into the Cradle of Ice:

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