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Superfunk – Odaiba | Funk

Superfunk by Odaiba is reflective of a very iconic era in music– that of funk. Funk has been one of those genres that has always managed to sound organic, upbeat and engaging to listen to at the same time. A lot of experiments find their home in funk music, but bringing originality into funk is a challenge; always has been. Keep reading to know how Superfunk by Odaiba can be your gateway drug into the world of funk music.

Many elements immediately stand out about this song, as I was listening to it over the course of this review. From the upfront, proud bassline to the tight hi-hat work, this song is a positive bop from the get-go. Further serving as the cherry on the cake is the innovative synth work ongoing in the background, of which the vocoding effects stood out most prominently to me. This combination of elements lends this song a distinct Daft Punk-esque vibe, and I will concede that I am a fan of the way I saw it done here.

In terms of the production, there is an excellent evolution of the elements on this track, from the minute you hit play till your headphones let you go from the kind of atmosphere the development- organic and subtle in nature, ends up creating. The soundstage is wide, with all the elements of this mix having their own distinct places, and this lends the song a nice and polished flavour and makes it a very enjoyable listen overall.

I enjoyed my time listening to this song– and it took me back to an era in music that is just now starting to come back into vogue, partly thanks to the retrograde shift of the industry back towards more classic flavours that still manage to be experimental in their sound.

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