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Angelic Circus - Open to the Future
Angelic Circus - Open to the Future

Angelic Circus – Open to the Future | Suspension

Having released as many as three consecutive EPs in 2020, the discography of Israeli group Angelic Circus is not only musically consistent but appears purporting a larger story, of sorts. Each of their previous EPs — Stepping Out of Culture, Threading the Unknown and With Honest Intent — appear to be thematically oriented towards a particular journey, highlighting a certain theme from various perspectives or even continuation of the same journey through various EPs.

If that deduction seems to be true, their new EP Open to the Future adds to that discussion, making it the latest instalment to the storyline narrated by the trio. Spanning for thirteen minutes, the EP is divided into tracks that appear as episodic instalments — Quiet, Hope of the Future, 6.4.3 and Whispers. As a whole, the EP does not find itself restricted to caricatured to a particular genre, and the trio explores widespread boundaries. Take, for instance, the first track — Quiet.

The two-minute opener to the EP is characteristically electronic ambient music, carried forward through synth waves of towering capacity which wash over the track, accompanied by computer-created electronic pinpricks that pulsate. It offers a feeling of genesis — a natural rebirth occurring within the EP as the project sets off in the listener’s ears. The following track Hope of the Future makes a slight left turn from the earlier pure ambience of Quiet, appearing more alternative indie folk mixed with elements of folktronica, and also simultaneously maintaining the electronic analogic sound generated via the computer. It is the only track in the album with consistent lyricism, wherein the remaining tracks use lyrics to achieve a certain soundscapic animosity. Hope of the Future is almost poetic as if the vocalist is reciting a poem in melody and possesses the Oracle-like theme of storytelling.

The following track 6.4.3 presents itself in an almost spiritual melody. The song is characterised by its near-Oriental instrumental accompanied by underlying synth waves; what makes the track truly stand out is the occult prophetic chanting that continues across the arrangement, offering it a sense of mystic theurgy. It relishes a mixture of ambient music in company with recitative lyricism. The curtain track for the EP Whispers carried forward the ambient momentum produced by the three tracks before, gradually observing the end of the EP through near-empyrean seraphic vocalism falling over the melancholic synth waves. True to its name, the outro features circumjacent female whispers appearing at various places across the soundscape, emoting a sensation of falling back to the ground after a celestial experience. 

The mark of a good collection of songs is not only in its arrangement, instrumentation and vocalisms but also in its ability to transform the world around the listener into the theme of the album. Listening to Open to the Future is not a bystander auditory activity but an introspective experience, which makes everything around the listener appear in tandem with the concept of the EP.

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