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Tina Loeffler - Hill Hide
Tina Loeffler - Hill Hide

Tina Loeffler – Hill Hide | Enchanting

If tracks could take a walk with you, come back home, make a fire and lie down next to you, the discography of Tina Loeffler would provide several such specimens to personalize into one’s listening experience.

The folk singer-songwriter returns to her discography with one of her latest tracks Hill Hide, following the release of sister numbers such as The Greatest Gift, A Bonfire and Blue Mountains Home. Through Hill Hide, Loeffler manages to channel the characteristic elements of loneliness, bittersweet melancholy, longing and oneness with nature into a four minute indie folk track. The delicate vocal performances crest and trough across the track, making it an almost conversational interaction between the musician and the listener.

The balladic format of the track riddled with introspective melodies is ideal for a look within oneself and corresponding to one’s life experiences. Tina Loeffler sings the words of a generation disconnected from their emotions and surroundings, providing the empathetic solace necessary to bridge the gap between one’s consciousness and feelings. As she continues to weave her tapestry of melodies, we remain devoted listeners of her truly enchanting discography. 

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