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Julian Tran-Fantasy Unlimited: Part II
Julian Tran-Fantasy Unlimited: Part II
Julian Tran-Fantasy Unlimited: Part II

Julian Tran revisits instrumental magic with “Fantasy Unlimited: Part II”

Julian Tran can help you globe trot, but in another universe. Why explore the boundaries of this Earth when there are so many planes of existence you could visit? With an ability to tap into the essence of each note he uses, this is a musician unlike any other. What you hear as the first notes might be the last in this conscious plane. This is his second double A side, Fantasy Unlimited: Part II.

If you haven’t explored the first part of this collection, I urge you to. There isn’t an imperative connect, except in the melodic explorations forming a Gestalt network in your head. You’re edging closer to mental composure to a meditative degree when you listen to this part. Here, we explore each note and its impact, along with dreamy synth tones that tap into one dream after another. Progressions divide, reunite to create patterns that are unlike any other. You seem to be part of the composition, like a physical reality you can touch and explore. When music becomes meta without the use of words. The silent majesty of Dunes is explored next by Julian Tran. Chorus like arrangements create a heavenly sound, goosebumps incoming. I almost welled up by the end of this song. 

The influence of Julian Tran is clearly audible in the work he composes. There is a way he puts together music, an interaction between instrument, mind and expression. It is sonic exploration unlike any other. Listen to his incredible song here with us and sail away into another ambience:

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