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“Numb”, by Tainted Youth: A fresh take on the millennium’s heart-wrencher

Tainted Youth, is an electronic music duo noted for its unique take on electronic music, pulling influences from a wide range of genres– with charts on London’s iconic Ministry of Sound, among others. They are known for anywhere from a gritty, aggressive form of hyperpop, to zests of soul-stirring, wafty pads. With “Numb”, they pay tribute to the one and only Linkin Park. Please keep reading for my thoughts on this version of a song I grew up listening to, and continue to, to this day.

Talking about a new take on a song that managed to create the impact crater that it did, is, surprisingly, a pleasant experience, thanks in large part to the fact that this particular example is beautifully done. From the spacey, revered vocals in the intro to the song, to the passionate vocals mixed in with a largely London-esque drill hip-hop base, “Numb” is a cocktail that will please the listener greatly.

The production style reminds me a little bit of Veorra/Neovaii, especially in the way that the synths play with each other over the course of the song, and that is a great thing– knowing how great the aforementioned are at what they do. When the drop hits, the persistent, single-note lead synths only serve to further accentuate the power of the vocals that make the original such a legend in the first place, and this takes the production game and turns up the dials all the way to 11– and checking this song out left my inner Linkin Park child thoroughly satisfied, a full two decades later. Great stuff, indeed!

Check out “Numb” by Tainted Youth for a blast of nostalgia, with just the right amount of orange zest to make the perfect Meteora Sunrise.

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