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Pete Branscombe’s A Cry For Self-Help
Pete Branscombe’s A Cry For Self-Help
Pete Branscombe - A Cry For Self-Help

Tokyo-Based Musician, Pete Branscombe’s a Cry For Self-Help Is an Album With a Different Take on Rock Music

Gear up to enjoy some really cool, well-composed rock music with the songs from the latest album by Pete Branscombe, A Cry For Self-Help. Originally hailing from the serene town of Slough, England, the United Kingdom, Pete Branscombe is currently based out of the beautiful city of Tokyo in Japan and is a prolific musician who composes songs that stick with you for a long time.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Pete also happens to be the founding member of bands such as The Morbific Seeds, Cottonmouth, and Rival Mod Band. Having a good ear for intricate detail, Pete’s songs reward the listeners with music that you not only hear but also something that instantly transports you to the place and gives you the feeling of being present right in the moment.

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Songs that are less in time but huge in terms of impact!

A Cry For Self-Help, Pete Branscombe‘s latest album comprises a whopping twenty songs and in it’s entirety, the album runs for a duration of about thirty minutes and fifteen seconds. If it sounds weird that an album with so many songs gets over within such a short span of half an hour, you must also know that the songs of this album are only about one or two minutes in length and as Pete suggests, it was during the time when the global pandemic forced us all to stay inside our home that he found it impossible to complete his works and thereby gave himself the challenge to compose music that is short in terms of duration but highly impactful in terms of content.

So, this is how he came up with this beautiful album, the songs of which are short but also make the listener enjoy the grooves and tunes. If you listen attentively, you will instantly fall in love with the very specific soundscapes that each and every song has, as well as the influences from a variety of musical genres that range from pop, jazz, rock, and more but the underlying genre of Pete’s music is pure rock!

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So take some time off your schedules and check out Pete Branscombe‘s amazing album, A Cry For Self-Help. You can listen to the album here:

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