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The Parlophonics-Heaven Can Wait
The Parlophonics-Heaven Can Wait
The Parlophonics-Heaven Can Wait

The Parlophonics-Heaven Can Wait | A magnetic melody

You’ve heard of ear candy from The Parlophonics sometime in the last 2 years. They are our playlist favorites, and their tracks constantly remind you of how great easy music can be. No complications, no layering-just honest songwriting and unique arrangements. You can always tell a song by these guys. This is their new release, Heaven Can Wait.

When their ironclad album A Day in The Life came out last year, it was a shock. Not to many of their fans, but to me as a listener. It was polished, great sounding and didn’t pretend to be different. They were a little Simon, a little Gallagher and even Dylan and The Beatles sometimes. Check out that album if you want a whole set of feel good songs.

Heaven Can Wait is another earworm and I’ll tell you why. The progression is a simple melody, chained and smooth to the transitions. Their vocal patterns are what are unique, choosing to loop around the most offbeat elements that make it sound still better. They put an effort in to study the lyrics, and the song sits in perfectly for a chorus cushioned on each side by mesmerizing verse sections. If these guys are featuring here on Earth, yes, heaven can wait.

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