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Dici’s 200 Miles
Dici’s 200 Miles
Dici - 200 Miles

200 Miles, Dici’s Latest Single, Is the Perfect Song to Enjoy While Out on a Drive

If you are looking for that perfect song to listen while driving during a road trip, the latest single by Dici, 200 Miles, is where your search ends. Born in the beautiful country of Italy, and raised in Milan and Miami, Dici is indeed a musical artist with endless talent because it was during the quarantine period of the Covid-19 pandemic that he started creating his own music by working on freestyle raps and mastering music production technology. In a very short span, during the year 2021, he released his debut track, and since then on, he has released several tracks under his own label, Dici Records and has earned an enormous fanbase for himself. He currently resides in Tokyo, Japan, from where he is making music and rewarding the listeners with wonderful tracks.

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200 Miles, Dici’s latest single is an up-tempo track that hooks you right from the start and you cannot resist the temptation of grooving to the song. Starting off with a beautiful, loopy acoustic guitar strumming, the song gradually steps up to an out-and-out electronic dance music track with some really catchy live triggers and straight-up, tight, and groovy loops of electronic beats. Besides the prolific production quality, Dici’s soothing voice just works as the icing on the cake on top of the soul-pleasing composition.

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So go ahead and check out Dici’s 200 Miles and it might just end up in your daily playlist. You can listen to the track here:

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