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nellie – Columbus, Ohio | Hopeful

Often people have a certain emotional attachment to a place because of the feelings that come rushing just having thoughts about it. On her debut release ‘Columbus, Ohio’, singer-songwriter, nellie, shares her version of the story that explores her heartfelt desires through soothing melodies and lush instrumentation.

The track begins with a vibrant chord progression over lively drum beats, with a touch of nostalgia. A few subtle synth melodies are interspersed with electric guitars, the music becoming increasingly colourful as the song progresses. Moreover, nellie’s soft vocals add a certain warmth to the upbeat yet emotional track. She hits the high notes flawlessly and takes you on a journey of wonder through optimistic lyricism.

Take me to Columbus, Ohio / We’ll catch the first flight out tomorrow / We’ll do everything we said we’d do when we were drunk / We’ll brag about the wide-open roads / We could buy a house all on our own.” – As long as she’s together with her loved one, she doesn’t care where they go as long as they’re present to share the journey together.

Along with the guitars, the drum rhythm drives the overall energy throughout, keeping the listener interested and engaged all the way through. I especially enjoyed the dynamic bridge that comes in just at the right point. A masterful production paired with exceptional songwriting, it almost doesn’t feel like the track’a nearly four minutes long.

With captivating melodies and hopeful lyrics, nellie, on her debut single, has given the audience a glimpse into her characteristic sound, and I think her music is going to get a lot of attention soon!

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