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Grete & Bigweld - Papercut | Sensuous, Soulful
Grete & Bigweld - Papercut | Sensuous, Soulful

Grete & Bigweld – Papercut | Sensuous, Soulful

Greate & Bigweld are independent artists who love creating music that speaks to the soul. This time they have collaborated together and have created a worthwhile track called Papercut which is a sensuous and soulful number infused with delightful soundscapes.

The track begins in a laid-back manner and continues to build itself in a mesmerizing way as the beats and tunes kick in. You would find yourself getting lost in its bliss because the song has a soulful vibe.

The song Papercut has an overall laid-back vibe. But it is because of its euphoric and at times, sensual musicality. The gentle pace feels divine to the ears, especially because the gorgeous and sultry vocals complement this vibe greatly. The soft beats combined with the leisured tunes make for a great treat. Even though the song feels this way, it has a tint of upbeatness to it. A slight upbeatness in pace renders the song a perfect balance in musicality. You would want to listen to this track almost every time if you get hooked on it because it has that energy. The song has a catchy, pop, feel to it that makes it feel enchanting to listen to. 

Great vocals accentuate the whole listening experience even more. And lyrics add more meaning to everything you experience while listening to the track. But we must appreciate the production of this track. One can feel things rising in a beautiful way and that’s all because of the splendid production. This is a song you shouldn’t miss!

Let’s know what the artists have to say themselves: 

1. What inspired you to create Papercut? Is there any source of inspiration?

Papercut was inspired by our mutual loves for all types of music, and the excitement of the early stages of working together. A huge influence for both of us is the Weeknd, and that sort of dark rnb, and this was the first time we tried to make something like that with one another.

2. What’s your creative process like? Is it methodical or do you
approach your ideas as they come to you?

Normally how we tend to work is I’ll take a beat I’ve made to Grete, and then if she likes it she’ll write a vocal line on top. My general song writing process starts on a keyboard, then when I like something I’ll record it and work on the computer after that. We do a lot of the mixing together, because we want to make sure it’s how we both really want it to be.

3. How do you define your music?

We would put the music in a few different categories, but the main ones are electronic and RnB. I don’t think it’s essential to put music into different stereotypes, but those two are what our music sounds like most of the time.

4. What’s something you want your listeners to take from Papercut?

While the lyrics are mysterious and the mood is dark, the song was essentially just made to be music that sounds good. So just enjoy the vibe of the song and look out for our next single!

5. What’s next for Bigweld’s fans?

Fans of bigweld and Grete can look out for our next single coming in early 2023. It’s even catchier, but with more experimental elements, and we think if you like Papercut you’ll love what’s coming next.

Listen to the song right here:

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