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Kinga Angelys – Hurricane | Through the Barriers

Kinga Angelys, a Canadian singer and songwriter presently based in Germany, offers her passionate voice to her new track “Hurricane“. The music genuinely engulfs us in its force and intensity, evoking powerful empowering emotions. The writing is sure to strike a chord with many of her admirers, inspiring them to confront any negative consequences and fight back to conquer those storms with great confidence. The song exudes such conviction that it will become a go-to track for summoning such powerful energy. The voice texture contributes to this amazing idea by bringing the depth of the words’ meaning to the forefront. The writing and performance as a whole become the focal point.

In addition, the intensity is clearly reflected in the instruments. The music progressively picks up in pace, creating a lovely trip as we discover more about it. When the music hits the chorus, the intensity level skyrockets. The portion is also quite catchy, allowing us to truly connect with it. The drums give the act a lot of energy. The beat efficiently complements the vocal delivery and expressiveness. The violins provide emotional energy to the arrangement, which has some very beautiful moments. For me, the vocal delivery stands out. Overall, the structure is quite smooth, creating a really pleasant listening atmosphere. I am convinced that any listener who comes upon this great music will become completely engrossed as the song unfolds.

In the interview below, Kinga Angelys also talks about her experience with the song.

1.    What inspired you to write such a powerful song?

A few years back I had to deal with a really tough loss and I lost myself for a few years, not thinking it would be possible to move forward and still feel like myself.  I experienced a sort of post-traumatic growth that spurred me into action and commitment to channelling my struggle through music and art. I really had to just say, ok! I have to be strong right now, I have to live and create fearlessly. We are so resilient especially when we are well supported which I was blessed to be.  I guess I want others to feel confident enough to boldly carve their own path, even when there are challenges that threaten your growth.  Its so important to keep cultivating your purpose and fulfil your potential.

2. The vocal delivery is excellent. Have you made any special preparations or had any specific notions in mind before the recording?

Thank you! The vocals were added on through a series of sessions as more ideas for hooks and harmonies spurred to the surface. I am happy that we took our time with them!

3. Please elaborate on the arrangement. As we listen to the song, the intensity is palpable.

We wanted to make sure that the song was powerful from start to finish. So I believe the backing vocals and variety of instruments come in at the right time and right places to add intensity and interest where needed! But also, the energy needed to be convincing so the build up was essential.  I also love how at the end we added in a very low harmony to really emphasise the last line of the song.

4. Is there anything specific you’d like to say to the fans about the song?

We have all had our moments of feeling powerless.  A lot of songs talk about being strong and to keep fighting but I specifically wanted to capture the journey from powerless to powerful. When you’ve been to the bottom and bounce back with greater confidence and commitment, nothing can stand in your way. I want someone to be able to hear this song and be convinced of their ability to do that.

5. So, what’s next? Would you want to tell us about your plans for the next releases?

I have got a few more commercial pop singles coming and then Im working on an acoustic album and collaborations with some fantastic artists! I am really excited!

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