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Pretty Strange by Eliza Mary Doyle
Pretty Strange by Eliza Mary Doyle
Eliza Mary Doyle's latest album, Pretty Strange

Eliza Mary Doyle – Pretty Strange | Canadian Americana

Eliza Mary Doyle‘s latest album, Pretty Strange is a masterful work of Americana that showcases the Saskatchewan native’s remarkable songwriting abilities and skillful instrumentation. With a career spanning over two decades, Doyle delivers 10 tracks of alt-country/folk tunes that are both raw and soulful, and effortlessly weave together her deep musical roots with contemporary sensibilities.

Pretty Strange Album Tracklist:

Opening with “7 Dude Ranch,” Doyle immediately establishes a lively and infectious sound that sets the tone for the entire album. With a driving banjo melody and lush harmonization, her confident and relatable lyrics are delivered with a vocal prowess that demands attention.

On the second track, “Acting Strange,” Doyle explores the theme of unusual behavior displayed by an individual with a masterful blend of folk and country sounds. Her uplifting vocals convey both motivation and empathy towards the individual, and the folksy soundscape enriched with banjos, guitars, and a driving drum rhythm creates a dynamic and vibrant listening experience.

Doyle’s exceptional compositional abilities are on full display in “Ain’t No Tellin’,” where her uplifting Americana sound radiates positivity and has a feel-good vibe. The familiar yet innovative chord progressions shape the track’s overall sound, leaving the listener with a lasting impression.

Moving on to “Another Round,” Doyle takes the upbeat energy to a whole new level with groovy drum rhythms and catchy vocal melodies that capture the listener’s attention from the start. With its infectious rhythm and lively melodies, “Another Round” is the perfect song to liven up any gathering.

In “Fight The War,” Doyle showcases her ability to create a moving and emotional track that draws the listener in with its soothing strings and delicate instrumentation. Her lyrics convey a message of support and protection, with harmonization that adds depth and interest to the track.

With “Red Dress,” Doyle’s love for the banjo shines through as she incorporates it excellently in the intro and as the track progresses. This beautiful love song is about cherishing the memories of a significant other and missing them, and Doyle’s raw and heartwarming talent is on full display as she delivers the emotive and heartfelt atmosphere with her vocals.

Track seven, “Runnin'” has a cowboy-music-like sound through its cool cadences and retro Americana lyricism that transports the listener to the Canadian countryside. The dynamic changes in tempo throughout the different sections of the track make it particularly memorable, and the catchy topline melody will have listeners hitting repeat.

Doyle’s versatility is on display in “Them Boys,” where she seamlessly blends traditional country music with contemporary sensibilities. Her fast-paced melody and twangy guitars are complemented by her spot-on vocals, delivering the lyrics with a sense of urgency and passion.

On “Unfortunately,” Doyle’s playful vocal delivery overlays poignant lyrics that evolve over melancholic cadences, showcasing a more contemporary singer-songwriter sound. The dynamic drum groove carries the various themes of the song, encouraging the listener to let go of the past and look forward to a brighter future.

Closing out the album with “Water Into Wine,” Doyle delivers a groovy and upbeat sound that showcases her unique personality and style. Her intricately written lyrics convey a strong message of self-reliance, using the metaphor of someone trying to turn her water into wine when she doesn’t need their assistance at all. Doyle’s confidence as a veteran musician and a optimistic person can be felt in this final track.

In Pretty Strange Eliza Mary Doyle has created a standout collection of songs that perfectly blends the traditional and the contemporary. With her remarkable songwriting abilities and skillful instrumentation, she delivers a masterful work of Americana that is sure to delight listeners of all backgrounds.

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