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Arnab Sengupta-Truth Be Told
Arnab Sengupta-Truth Be Told
Arnab Sengupta-Truth Be Told

Arnab Sengupta creates singer-songwriter dessert with his single, “Truth Be Told”

Arnab Sengupta is a musician who wants to transcend the barriers of harmony. The talented singer-songwriter is an alumnus of the Berklee School of Music, and his attention to detail surely shows that. More than 30 years of experience have brought him to make many memorable tunes. This is the title track from his album, Truth Be Told. 

A beginning with jazz. Delectable notes introduce you to his soft, soothing voice. Harmonically acing the notes he touches, it is like watching an athlete master the hurdle run. Verse section runs like poetry, and that goes for his entire album, which has quite the collection of songs. 

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Songs like Prodigal Son and Death Do Us Part are some sure listens, and you can never tell the kind of surprise Arnab Sengupta has for us. You can listen to his single and the album here for some joyous, enriching music. Listen to the songs here and follow him on his Instagram as well:

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