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vanda- more than a friend
vanda- more than a friend

Vanda Strikes Gold with ‘More Than A Friend’: Unlocking The Heartfelt Depths

Michelle Alyce Vanda, the spectacular LA-based singer/songwriter, will capture you with her incredible talent. Vanda has captivated audiences with her fascinating performances in theatre shows throughout Chicago, Illinois, since the age of three. She discovered her own creative voice while performing in musical theatre, writing original songs and working in her father’s recording studio. This set her on a road of dedication and enthusiasm in the world of pop music. Vanda has established a passionate fan base and received accolades from industry heavyweights since her debut.  Her sound is exclusive and memorable, influenced by Ariana Grande, Ashnikko, H.E.R., Post Malone, and Rihanna.

Vanda is back with her latest single, titled “More Than A Friend,” and let me tell you, it’s an absolute gem. This dreamy indie pop track hits all the right notes, combining a perfect blend of captivating melodies, powerful vocals, and infectious beats. The slow yet refreshing rhythm, accompanied by emotive guitar riffs, creates a mesmerizing musical backdrop. The vocal variations and flawlessly executed chorus elevate the song to new heights.

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As the synths entered, a feeling of sheer bliss washed over me. The climax of the song is nothing short of extraordinary. It left me in awe, quite literally uttering a heartfelt “WOW.” Vanda’s vocals exude a sense of melancholy, and as the song progresses, that sentiment becomes more evident, harmoniously intertwined with a contagious sense of upbeat energy.

The moment she sings, “I am thinking of you more than a friend,” everything falls into place, with the music culminating in a top-notch beat drop that hits you right in the core.

The production quality, the compelling storytelling, and Vanda’s incredible vocals have all conspired to make me fall head over heels for this song. The section with the keys toward the end is simply perfection—a true chef’s kiss moment. Vanda never fails to impress!

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Enjoy listening to “More Than A Friend” by Vanda here.

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