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the artist ren- under the bleachers
the artist ren- under the bleachers

Dreamy Delights: Dive into the Enchanting World of ‘Under the Bleachers’ EP by The Artist Ren

Introducing the amazing The Artist Ren, a.k.a. Lauren V! This extraordinary indie singer-songwriter is from Simi Valley, California, and is only 17 years old. She fills the music world with a breath of fresh air thanks to her unique approach and cutting-edge music. Her indie flair bursts through in every note, enthralling listeners with her exceptional talent as a singer and composer. Lauren V has already made her mark on the industry. It’s no surprise that she’s quickly become a rising star.

The first track on her most recent EP, “Under the Bleachers,” is “sleepstuff.” It is a dreamy indie pop song. It has a calm, relaxed ambience that is incredibly alluring. The song has additional emotional depth through the mix of delicate voices and heartfelt lyrics, enhancing its appeal. “sleepstuff” is notable for its gradual progression. It begins gently before progressively incorporating electronic pop components that elevate the song.

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The EP’s second track is “meowmeow.” It is such a sweet and charming song that will melt your heart. With its delightful atmosphere and ear-catching melodies, this indie pop treasure is incredible. You’ll find yourself humming along with the chorus, “Why can you be fine without me, waiting at your door?”

I loved the cheerful guitar riffs and easygoing drum beats in “meowmeow” which add to the overall feeling of happiness. The song is wholesome and engaging as it portrays the sweet love tale of a girl and her cat.

The EP’s following track is titled “.mp3.” It strikes a balance between melody and percussion, giving off a more relaxed and groovy vibe. The intriguing, retro-inspired guitar chords were what really caught my interest.

“.mp3” combines a laid-back atmosphere with an alluring rhythm to create a unique musical experience.

Ren’s amazing voice, along with simple instrumentation, stands out in “The Circus.” This song transported me to a warm café where a gifted vocalist plays an acoustic guitar, and I could not just stop listening. The minimal instrumentation enhances the song’s ambiance. It includes acoustic guitar riffs and a gentle chorus. In “The Circus,” Ren’s vocals take center stage. The stripped-down arrangement allows the vocals to shine and adds to the song’s warm and personal tone.

“Not the Clones” takes a surprising turn, presenting a positive and joyous vibe. With its powerful drum beats, the song first gives off a rock-song vibe. However, here struck a chord with me- a notable instrumentation section featuring retro synths and prominent drum beats that steal the spotlight.  The instrumentation takes centre stage throughout this section before gradually slowing down to let the vocals shine.

“Not the Clones” lyrics caught my interest, particularly the lines, “Falling to the ground in a pile of duplicates, I can’t even tell who the real version is (it could not be this kid). Nevermind this, I can tell that you are not you.” This song has an irresistible energy that makes it perfect for a road trip.

The EP concludes with the mesmerizing melody of “Radio Nurse.” The percussion beats, the delicate guitar riffs, and the bassline moves in perfect harmony. I had to listen to the song in headphones to appreciate the nuances.

“Radio Nurse” effortlessly builds into an enthusiastic anthem while preserving its soulful warmth. The vocals soar with perfect clarity, every note meticulously crafted. The song has an incredible depth, with layers upon layers of harmonic brilliance just waiting to be discovered.

The musical prowess of The Artist Ren shines through every single song in the EP and I am sure she is going to shine like a diamond soon.

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Enjoy listening to “Under the Bleachers” by The Artist Ren here.

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