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Simesky+Fritch SKALA.02
Simesky+Fritch SKALA.02

Simesky+Fritch’s SKALA​.​02 – Sonic Alchemy In Modern Neon Synthwave

In the vibrant realm of Neo Synthwave and synth rock music, Simesky+Fritch unfold in their latest LP, “SKALA​.​02“. The collaborative project of UK artist Fritch and Belgian producer United Simesky Institutes leaves you nothing short of dazzled.

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Spanning seven tracks and clocking in at 29 minutes, this record weaves a tapestry of new wave, electronic synth-rock, and post-punk influences, delivering an immersive experience that pays homage to the iconic sounds of the past while infusing an undoubtedly fresh modern production.

The synth production on the record sounds amazing and is very well crafted, truly to savor. Honestly, the production is to die for on this LP, coupled with the insane vocals. The synthesis of nostalgic 80s vibes and a touch of 70s prog-rock attitude creates a sonic landscape that is washed out with sonic bliss. The LP’s production quality is nothing short of stellar where synth-wave production prowess and songwriting by Simesky+Fritch shine through.

Alex Simesky brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the project. Having received acclaim from outlets like Write About Music and Vice, his collaboration with Will Wilkinson aka Fritch elevates the album to new heights. Fritch contributes not only words and vocals but also a rich sonic spirit that characterizes each track on the album.

The tracklist unfolds with a dynamic range of sounds, from the retro synths of “Back and Down Again” featuring an outstanding electric guitar solo to the somber neon synth wave rock vibes of “White Lies.” An album highlight moment comes with “Such Imperfection” a track that masterfully blends lead electric guitar with neon synth wave production, akin to savoring a fine red wine. The album maintains its momentum with tracks like “Delicate Intricacies,” “Colour Running Away,” and the remix of “Til We See You and Then” by ProjectP, showcasing fluid basslines and captivating electric guitar segments.

“SKALA​.​02” is collaborative magic that can arise when two artists bring their unique styles and experiences to the table. The synthesis of Fritch’s evocative vocals and Simesky’s masterful production results in a sonic journey that captivates from start to finish. Whether you’re a devotee of 80s nostalgia, a catchy rock music lover, or a newcomer to the synthwave scene, this album offers a compelling fusion of the old and the new, making it a worthy addition to any electronic music enthusiast’s playlist. So step into the neon-lit world of SKALA​.​02 with Simesky+Fritch.

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