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Kongress - Summer Days
Kongress - Summer Days

Kongress – Summer Days | Psychedelic Space

From Kings County, New York, United States of America, Kongress is an experimental electro-pop artist. It’s hard to say where they derive inspiration from, but their music is nothing short of psychedelic. While they have a very similar vibe to MGMT both in terms of musical output and creative expression, Kongress is certainly unique. In fact, the electro-gothic outfit’s latest release, Summer Days, was written in the late ’60s. It’s insane to hear every single psychedelic element on this track with pure perfection.

Summer Days follows a rather simple, trance-like beat that plays in the background as the vocals take you on a wild journey. Kongress really knows how to navigate this psychedelic space with every tone they use. Moreover, the various samples that they use to craft their melodies are both confusing and intriguing. Much like psychedelia, Kongress really takes things into dimensions that you can’t fathom, but attract you anyway. There’s something about not being able to understand a song on a subliminal level that simply binds you in that space.

If you’re a psychonaut who wants to experience psychedelia through a new lens, this is the artist for you. Kongress knows how to create a space that navigates the psychedelic experience better than most. I’m sure the years of experience have something to do with it. With only 4 tracks out now that you can stream, you’ve got a little to work with, but a little goes a long way in the psychedelic realm.

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