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Helen - Talk
Helen - Talk

Helen – Talk | Dark Seduction

Helen is a singer-songwriter from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. Since the release of her EP, Hopeless in 2020, she has released seven singles that sport the unique vocal appeal of the artist. Helen is back with her brand new single, Talk where she explores dark seduction with her sensual vocals and groovy beats.

Employing her signature vocals, the artist delivers the verses with a self-assured leisure, loaded with an all knowing confidence. The sultry vocals flourishes with a careless hedonism that melts all over the song and makes it stick to your brain. Shimmering with the swirling grey mystery of liquid mercury, the vocals slides like a dissolving glazier. The protagonist poses a hostile, cool challenge with piercing, icy blue vocals.

Showcasing a vocal and compositional style that is reminiscent of Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande, the artist uses a chic and wispy vocal texture and delivers it with an undeniable feminine grace and sensuality. The use of robotic harmonies and groveling bass beat grooves exposes a dark wisdom that has accumulated over the years.

The artist flavors her music with memorable vocals that flurries like a feather, and grounding beat grooves. As can be seen from her discography, the artist creates addictive musical canvasses while she delves into the landscapes of feminine experiences, sexuality and empowerment.

Available on Spotify.

Listen to Talk by Helen here –

Helen – Talk

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