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Rene Sagnelli-The Machine
Rene Sagnelli-The Machine
Rene Sagnelli-The Machine

Rene Sagnelli-The Machine | Are you shreddy?

A guitar hero that has learnt from many guitar heroes. That is what Rene Sagnelli should publish as his bio. From absorbing master classes from Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan and even the prog rebel Tosin Abasi. The Machine is the track that kickstarts his life in music professionally, so let’s take a look at what he’s engineered.

Your single reigns in the prowess of a new guitar hero. Tell me about your experience mastering this instrument.
Attending and graduating Musicians Institute (Hollywood California) as well as Berklee College of Music affiliated schools has helped me gain insight and experience about playing the guitar and many other traits!

With an untrained ear, I could fathom the knowledge of music that The Machine displays. Rene backs down double for this track, with some killer riffs and ice cold vocals. With a cinematic ambience in the background, Rene progresses to teach us a new vision through the eyes of Dream Theater and prog rock legends. His impact is clear, the guitars and vocals balancing out each other. Might come from his teachers.

With a wide range of guitar teachers, you have learnt a lot of techniques. Where would you say your style lies?

My guitar heroes are many, but I would like to mention the ones I’ve studied more: Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen among others!

The melodic sea of sound prepares you for the shred and melody that Rene so masterfully balances out. The solos are inspired by Petrucci as well as Satriani-with tapping, slides and runs like I’ve never heard from any artist this year. Multiple solos were beckoned by this track, so Rene delivered. The assisting musicians have done an incredible job making this single a memorable one.

 What would you highlight as the most important change in guitar music this decade?
9 String Guitars and Djent! But creativity for all guitar players is limitless!

From addition in scales and new sounds as well as rhythmic playing-both these styles have left an unmeasurable textural impact in music. More singles and an album are coming from this fantastic artist, so be prepared.

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