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Virgø – We'll Meet Again
Virgø – We'll Meet Again

Virgø – We’ll Meet Again | Versatile Hip-hop

Hawaiian rapper Virgø has released a dazzling debut hip-hop EP titled “We’ll Meet Again.”. The record runs for about eighteen minutes and consists of five cool tracks. 2022 has been a busy year for Virgø with four shining singles till now. This record his a treat for hip-hop lovers with great production and stunning musicianship.

The EP begins with the first track Alluring Clouds. With quarter note synth chords, Virgø commences his fiery rap lines. As the song progresses the beats blend with the cloudy and pleasant synth arrangement and production of the song. The flow of the lyrics is fluid, tight in groove, and flying in spirit. Synth bass lines elevate the points of tension in the rap flow. The track concludes with a saxophone line which fades as we proceed into the next song.

The second song is Sky which features rapper Loo Will. From the heady previous track, we get a gritty energetic song. This song has tight percussive beats and a recurring synth rhythmic line. Loo Will enters in the second half providing a textural and rhythmic counterpoint.

No Competition is the third song. We get a modern synth pop and R&B feel on this one. The serene and blissful chord progression with vocal samples makes the intro sound dazzling. The verse has the arrangement in line with the flow with the harmonic lines getting subtler to make way for the vocals. A pop track with rapping and hip-hop register. The song concludes with some sweet singing with a great climactic melody, what an outro to a stunning song!

West Coast Park is the fourth track with some sweet synth greeting us from the onset. A hip-hop banger from the top, after a rap verse kick in the beginning we get an engaging and dark melody. Some good use of vocal type samples. The bass, vocal rap verses, and polished track makes this a must listen.

The penultimate and fifth song is Married To the Streets. A piano intro with a pass filter on it makes way for the rap verses. The filtered piano lines form the harmonic arrangement. Virgø sets the play buttong on fire with his impeccable rapping. The EP concludes with the final and sixth track Ruble. A sweet package of everything which makes this album work, get to hear on this track.

Virgø has crafted a deeply compelling hip-hop record. With his groovy flow and tight as hell rapping, we get a rap lover’s delight here on “We’ll Meet Again.”. Hailing from Honolulu, Hawai’i, Virgø has his roots in rap legends like Linkin Park/Fort Minor’s Mike Shinoda, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and JAY-Z. With such a legacy, musicality and rap fortitude are balanced in this work. With a wide variety of musical templates and moods, he manages to do justice to all of them. “We’ll Meet Again.” is tight hip-hop album to keep spinning till wearing the record down.

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