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Mia Mormino - Showtime
Mia Mormino - Showtime

Mia Mormino – Showtime | Betrayal

Looking for the most relatable track to serve as the defining backdrop of your 2021 summer heartbreak? Look no further. Los Angeleno musician and singer-songwriter Mia Mormino gives not a moment of rest to her discography, returning this time from her previously successful single Mercy with the brand new track — Showtime. Characteristically a post-breakup pop track, the four-minute number does brilliantly well to encapsulate the initial heartbreaks and disappointment of romantic betrayal, ultimately leading to a feeling of rage and valuing oneself. The track opens up moody and soulful, featuring Mormino’s fervent silky vocals in accompaniment with the tinkering of a conversational piano. In no time, the arrangement develops into a magnetic fusion with overdriven electric guitar, a ridiculously groovy bassline and ambient percussive elements. Not only is the track representative of emotions felt by a wide multitude of people, but it is also reminiscent of some of the classic acts of the genre such as Beyonce, Fifth Harmony, Black Pink and Dua Lipa. 

Captivated greatly by the track, we reached out to Mia Mormino for her two cents on the track. Here is how that interview went:

Congratulations on your new track! How would you describe the track to someone who is going into your music completely cold?

Thank you so much! That’s a great question, honestly. I would describe my music to someone going into it completely cold as empowering, highly relatable, vulnerable, and honest. There’s no sugar-coating within my lyrics, and the style of each song ranges from “I can pull a truck with my pinkies, I feel so strong” to “No one talk to me as I uncontrollably sob in the middle of this party”. I pretty much cover it all when it comes to my music.

The track has inclinations towards the lovelorn post-breakup theme. What would you say has been the inspiration behind the track, if any.

The inspiration behind “Showtime” was entirely derived from my experience with being cheated on for the first time. When it initially happened, my heart shattered into a billion pieces. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that someone who said they loved me as much as they did would turn around and do something like that. It was a really painful time. But! I knew once some time had passed, I would turn that pain into power. So that’s exactly what I did with this song.

Are there any artists that your music is inspired by?

I’m constantly inspired by different artists, so what I answer right now could very well change next week. But with that being said, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and Billie Eilish are the three most consistent artists that inspire my work. At the moment, I’m in a huge Etta James/Frank Sinatra/Henry Mancini kick, so when I release a song with underlying hints of these legends, you’ll know why.

We observed some brilliant assistance in the track such as the backbone percussion and a stellar electric guitar solo. Introduce us to the members of your team, who aided the creation and production of the track!

Yes, of course! Raz Klinghoffer is the mastermind behind the production of this track. He produced my first song, “Conflicted,” back in 2018, and we’ve been working together ever since. He’s a beast on the guitar and is legitimately the fastest worker I’ve ever seen. The guitar sections of the song are actually the only live elements on the track. Everything else was done to give it that “live band” sound without having an actual live band. I’m so grateful to be able to work with someone who understands my artistic vision as much as he does.

Quite many singles to your name over the past two years, do the consecutive releases hint at an upcoming collection of songs – say, an EP or even a full-length album?

Currently, I’m just focusing on singles until my fan base increases a bit more. As much as I’m dying to put out a full-length album (even an EP), I’m not at the place in my career to necessarily do so and have it benefit. With each single I release, I gain more fans, so I will continue to do that for a bit longer. But when I’m ready, you can expect the most epic collection of music I’ve ever created. 

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